Our Regular Saver

Please note this product is not currently available to new applicants.


Regular Saver lasts for a set period of 12 months (known as a term) with the interest rate guaranteed for the term.

Our Regular Saver offers the peace of mind of a fixed interest rate for the full 12 month term. You cannot make withdrawals, as the idea is to encourage you to save regularly and build up a lump sum. You can deposit between £25 and £250 each month in any number of deposits as long as you don’t exceed the £250 maximum allowed and there are no penalties if you don’t make deposits every month.

The Regular Saver can be opened jointly. You can also open a Regular Saver on behalf of someone else, either under a Power of Attorney or as a Deputy for someone deemed incapable of making their own financial decisions.

You need to be aged 16 or older to apply for Regular Saver.



As Regular Saver is a fixed rate product with a set term, there is no right to cancel or make withdrawals after the initial 14 day cooling off period. Please make sure you’re happy with the product and the interest rate before you apply.

Your right to cancel

You can cancel your Regular Saver within the first 14 calendar days of opening should you decide it’s not for you.

Minimum deposit and maximum balance

You can open a Regular Saver with just £25, which is also the minimum monthly deposit. You can make multiple deposits each month as long as the minimum value is not less than £25 and the overall total does not exceed £250 a month. The maximum you can hold in a Regular Saver at the maturity date is £3,000.

Interest earned on your Regular Saver

From the day we receive your initial deposit, your Regular Saver will earn interest daily, based on the balance at the end of each day and calculated as 1/365th of the annual rate.
Your interest will be paid at the end of the 12 month term, on the anniversary of the date when we received your initial deposit. You can have your interest paid into:

  • the same Regular Saver account where it’s earned
  • any other Ford Money savings account you hold
  • your Nominated Account

If the interest due date falls on a non-business day (Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays) and is to be paid to your Nominated Account, we’ll send your interest payment via BACs on the next business day.

If the anniversary date falls on February 29th , we’ll pay your interest on February 28th , except in leap years when we will pay it on February 29th itself.

When your Regular Saver matures

As your Regular Saver approaches maturity, we’ll send you an email around a month before it matures, and another 14 calendar days before the end of the term. Each will explain that you need to log in to see the maturity options that are available to you. You’ll normally have the option to:

  • Withdraw your savings
  • Re-invest in a different Ford Money product
  • Create a combination of the above.


If you forget to select a maturity option

If we don’t hear from you, we’ll transfer your funds on the maturity date into our Flexible Saver product in the Issue that is on sale at that time. Of course, we’ll tell you about this and you’ll have the 14 calendar day Right to Cancel, if you decide you wish to cancel the new account following the maturity date.

Account maturity and outstanding interest

Any outstanding interest can be credited to the account of your choosing. This could be either into your Nominated Account or another Ford Money account.

Interest paid to your Nominated Account will be sent to your account on the maturity date (or the next working day where the maturity date is on a weekend or a Bank Holiday). If your account matures over the weekend or on a Bank Holiday, and you're transferring some, or all, of your savings to your Nominated Account, you'll earn additional interest for these days. This will be included in the amount we transfer on the next working day.

Withdrawals from a Regular Saver before the term ends

The Regular Saver product is designed to be held for the entire term.

Account closure is only allowed within the first 14 calendar days of account opening.

There are two situations where we allow withdrawals or terminating early:

  • after a Regular Saver account holder dies – either where the account was held only in his or her name, or where he or she was the last surviving holder of an account that was held jointly with someone else
  • if we make any change to this agreement that is to your disadvantage


Regular Saver explained

To help get to grips with our Regular Saver, watch this short video.

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