How we communicate with you

How we communicate with you

As a Ford Money account holder we may need to contact you about activity on or updates to your account. Included within these communications are:  

  • Transactional activity taking place on your account
  • Changes to the information we hold about you
  • Changes to our Terms and Conditions, or the interest rates on an account you hold
  • Action you may need to take on your account
  • Reminders about your deposit protection under the FSCS

Since it’s essential that you receive such information, it isn’t possible to unsubscribe from these communications.

In most cases we will send you these messages via email, as it’s the quickest way for us to communicate important information. If for any reason we can’t email you, we’ll try and get in touch in another way.

However, receiving these service emails does not mean we’ll also be sending you marketing communications, unless you told us you were happy to receive these types of email when you set up your account.

You can always change your marketing communication preferences by simply logging in to your account and going to Change Details, where you can select the methods by which you’d like to be contacted about new products and services we’re offering.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions about how we contact you and what you’re signed up to receive, you can contact us here.

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