Save with Fair Interest Rates from Ford Money

  • Ford Bank launches saving products under Ford Money brand
  • Ford Money offers flexible and fixed deposit accounts with fair and attractive interest rates, as well as excellent customer service
  • Simple account opening and user-friendly online banking

Köln, 11th November 2020 –
With the introduction of Ford Money, the new deposit   business of Ford Bank GmbH, savers in Germany can now safely pursue and meet their savings goals.

Ford Money combines the brand values of Ford in Germany with the financial knowledge of Ford Bank GmbH, a bank authorized and regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin) and headquartered in Cologne. The aim is to offer savers fair and attractive interest rates, uncomplicated and easy-to-understand products and excellent customer service.

The new savings offer builds on Ford Bank's many years of experience with financing products from the areas of financing, leasing and insurance. With the foundation of the Ford Credit Company Aktiengesellschaft in 1926, Ford Bank GmbH Germany can look back on a long history as well as much experience, and remains one of the pioneer markets in financial services from Ford on a global scale.

Ford Money's flexible and fixed deposit products are available online and are designed to help customers achieve their long-term savings goals with reliable, consistent and competitive interest rates. It takes less than 10 minutes to apply for a Ford Money account online, with the added benefit of excellent and experienced customer service.

"Savers are looking for competitive, fair and safe products. That's why we have developed Ford Money, a deposit business that offers our customers easy-to-open and easy-to-manage savings accounts and also meets the highest security standards," says Mark Nisser, Managing Director Sales and Marketing and spokesperson of Ford Bank GmbH.

"The introduction of Ford Money is an exciting new chapter for Ford Bank. For us, fairness is the focus of our offer. Customers benefit from our services even with small investment amounts – flexible deposit accounts are possible from 1 Euro deposit, fixed term deposits from 500 Euro.

In addition, Ford Bank offers the Ford Money Bestzins-Garantie (“Ford Money Best Rate Guarantee”): Existing customers receive the same interest rate on their flexible money account as new customers. In addition, in the case of the fixed-term deposit account, the higher interest rate is applied in each case if an interest rate change takes effect between the time the account application is submitted and the customer's first deposit.

Interested savers can find Ford Money products at "".

The Ford Bank GmbH is a German bank, therefore customer deposits of up to 100,000 Euros are protected by the German Deposit Protection Act (EinSiG) of the German government. It is also affiliated with the Einlagensicherungsfonds des Bundesverbandes deutscher Banken e. V. (“Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks”). Thus the deposit products flexible deposit account and fixed-term deposit account of Ford Bank GmbH are secured - with currently EUR 50,000,000 per customer.

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Date: 26.11.2020

About Ford Money

Ford Money is the deposit business of Ford Bank GmbH. Under this offer, customers can save money in flexible and fixed-term deposit accounts at fair and attractive interest rates. We treat existing and new customers equally: With the "our Best Rate Guarantee", savers always receive the best available interest rate from Ford Money. Account opening only online:  

About Ford Bank GmbH

Ford Bank is a German bank authorized and regulated by BaFin. Customer deposits are protected by the German statutory deposit insurance scheme and the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks. Ford Bank is a leading provider of automotive financial services. Its range of services has expanded over time from pure loans to leasing and insurance. The first predecessor of Ford Bank, the "Ford Motor Credit Company", was founded in Germany as early as 1926. More information is available at