Our Flexible Cash ISA

As well as the tax-free benefits of an ISA, Our Flexible Cash ISA also offers you the convenience of making deposits and withdrawals whenever you want, without charge. It offers a variable rate of interest that can go up or down.

Your Flexible Cash ISA is classed as a Flexible ISA. Flexible ISA rules allow you to withdraw and replace money from the same ISA account in the same tax year without losing any of your tax-free entitlement. This means that any amount you withdraw will be added to your remaining allowance figure on this account for the tax year.

If you’re 16 years of age or older, a UK resident taxpayer with a National Insurance number then you’re eligible to open a Flexible Cash ISA. If you don’t have a National Insurance number then it may still be possible for you to open one. Call us on 0345 266 1231 for further details.

You can also open a Flexible Cash ISA on behalf of someone else, either under a Power of Attorney or as a Deputy for someone deemed incapable of making their own financial decisions.

You can cancel your Flexible Cash ISA within the first 14 calendar days of account opening should you decide it’s not for you. The balance on your account, and any interest earned, will be repaid in full either to you, or to the previous ISA provider (if you transferred in an ISA balance). Any money deposited will not count towards your ISA annual allowance for the tax year. If you close your Cash ISA within the 14 day cooling off period, you can still open a subsequent Cash ISA with us or another financial institution, up to your annual allowance for the tax year.

Minimum deposit and maximum balance

You can open a Flexible Cash ISA with just £1, which is also the minimum account balance. You’re free to pay in any amount up to the maximum limit of £2,000,000. The maximum amount of new money you can subscribe to a Cash ISA per tax year is set by HMRC ISA Guidelines.

Interest earned on your Flexible Cash ISA

From the day we receive your initial deposit, your Flexible Cash ISA will earn interest daily, based on the balance at the end of each day and calculated as 1/365th of the annual rate.

Transfers from existing Cash ISAs usually take 15 business days. Your Ford Money Cash ISA will earn interest from the next business day (inclusive of the ISA transfer process) or from the date of receipt from your previous ISA provider, whichever is earlier.

Interest can be paid annually or monthly on the anniversary date of your initial deposit and can be paid into:

  • the same Flexible Cash ISA where it’s earned
  • any other Ford Money savings account you hold
  • your Nominated Account

Having interest paid into an account other than the Flexible Cash ISA will count as a withdrawal which can be replaced without counting towards your annual ISA subscription limit.

Interest due dates

If you have selected for your interest to be paid to your Nominated Account and the interest due date is a non-business day (Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays), we’ll send your interest payment via BACs on the next business day.
If the anniversary date falls on February 29th, we’ll pay your interest on February 28th, except in leap years when we will pay it on February 29th itself.

Transferring an ISA to Ford Money from another provider

You can request to transfer current or previous ISA savings into your Ford Money Flexible Cash ISA during the application process. Or, if you already have a Cash ISA with us you can download the appropriate transfer form below. You may transfer an existing Stock & Shares ISA to fund your Ford Money Cash ISA but note that some or all of the investments within your Stocks and Shares ISA will be sold as only cash may be deposited into a Ford Money Cash ISA. There may be restrictions or fees applicable to these sale transactions stated within the terms and conditions of your Stocks and Shares ISA, so it is advisable to check with your existing ISA provider for full information.

A Cash ISA transfer form is available as a downloadable PDF here.
A Stock and Shares ISA transfer form is available as a downloadable PDF here.

Transfers must be completed within 14 calendar days from the date we receive your application.

Transferring your Ford Money Flexible Cash ISA to another provider

You can transfer your balance to another provider at any time without charge. You’ll need to contact your new provider and instruct them to request a transfer from us.

Our Flexible Cash ISA

Click here to see details of our Flexible Cash ISA product.

Closing your Flexible Cash ISA

You can close your Flexible Saver Cash ISA at any time, without notice and without charge. The balance on your account, and any interest earned, will be repaid to you in full.  

If you wish to close your Flexible Cash ISA and notify us 14 calendar days after opening your account, and you’ve subscribed to your ISA during the current tax year, then you won’t be able to re-open the account or subscribe to another Cash ISA with us or another financial institution in the same tax year.

Flexible Cash ISA explained

If you’d like to discover more about our Flexible Cash ISA, watch this short video for a helpful overview.

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