Verifying your identity and Residency

As part of your application, we need to verify your identity and address. Don’t worry if you don’t initially pass our checks - it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t open an account with us. It’s just likely that we’ll need some further proof to verify the information you’ve provided.

For a list of documents we accept as proof of identity and address, please .

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Applying for a Product

Find out everything you need to know about how to make an online application for one of our products.


Application process

Verifying your identity and Residency

Proof of Identity

Proof of Residency

Your temporary application reference number

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Managing Your Account

Here you can find the answers to questions regarding how to manage your account online.


Accessing your online account

Moving Money

Interest Options

Account personalisation

Applying for additional products

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Saving With Ford Money

Have other questions about Ford Money, our service and our offerings? You’ll find more information here.


How we operate

How we communicate with you

How you can contact us

What rates have Ford Money previously offered?

Your privacy rights

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