Managing your Ford Money account

Here you can find help with managing your Ford Money account including accessing your account, how to move money and how to update your details.

You can also watch our useful video that shows you step by step how to manage all the key aspects of your account by visiting here.

Accessing your online account

You can access and manage your Ford Money account online. Find out more about setting up and accessing your account, including your Customer ID and creating your Password here.

Using our mobile app

If you prefer the convenience of managing your account on a mobile device instead of our website, you can download our app. Find out more about managing and accessing your account using our app here.

Joint accounts

It is possible to open a joint Ford Money account. Find out more about applying for and managing joint accounts here.

How to move money

There are different ways you can move money to and from your Ford Money account. Find out about transactions, transfers, deposits and withdrawals here.

Resetting your password

It can be frustrating when you forget your password. But don’t worry, on this page you can find out how to reset your password and get yourself back up and running in no time at all.

Viewing and selecting maturity options

On this page you can find a comprehensive guide on how to view and select a maturity option on a Ford Money Fixed Saver or Fixed Cash ISA.

ISA transfers

Making an ISA transfer in or out of Ford Money is easy. Find out how to transfer an ISA on this page.

Updating your details

You can update various details of your Ford Money account. On this page you can see how to update your name, address, email, phone number, password and more.

Choosing your interest options

You can choose whether you'd like the interest your savings earn to be paid monthly or annually, as well as which account you would like it paid to. Find out about choosing your interest options here.

Account personalisation

You can personalise your Ford Money account to reflect your reason for saving with a nickname and an icon. Find out how to personalise your account here.

Applying for additional savings products

You can apply for additional savings products & Cash ISAs using our fast track service available on every product we offer, or while you're logged into your account. Find out how to apply for more products here.

Closing your account

We are sorry to hear that you're looking to close your Ford Money account. However, you can find the information on how to close your account here.


We are currently experiencing high contact volumes, so you may have to wait a little longer for a response than usual.  

Thanks for your patience.

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