ISA Transfers

ISA Transfer In

You can request to transfer current or previous ISA savings into a Ford Money Cash ISA during the application process, or if you already have a Cash ISA with us you can download and complete the appropriate transfer form below:

Cash ISA transfer form (PDF)
Stocks and Shares ISA transfer form (PDF)

Note that if requesting a Stocks & Shares ISA transfer to fund your Ford Money Cash ISA some, or all, of these investments will need to be sold first as only cash may be deposited into a Ford Money Cash ISA. There may also be restrictions or fees applicable to these sale transactions so we would recommend speaking with your current provider first before making this type of transfer.

For Fixed Cash ISAs the transfer in must be completed within 14 calendar days from the date we receive your application. If, however, we have received notification from your current provider that funds are pending we will waive this deadline.

Transfers in for a Flexible Cash ISA can take place at any time.

Please be aware that ISA transfers may take up to 15 days to reach your account depending on your provider.

ISA Transfer Out

If you wish to transfer your ISA to a different provider, please note that you will need to contact that provider to request this. The new provider will ask you to complete an ISA transfer form which they will send onto us to complete the transaction. When completing the ISA transfer form for your new provider, please make sure you include your 7 Digit Ford Money account number as a roll or reference number. Please remember that if you hold one of our Fixed Cash ISAs a term breakage may apply, so do check the product Terms and Conditions for details. ­­

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