Resetting a Password

We recognise it can be frustrating when you either forget your password or remember it wrongly. However, you can get yourself back up and running in no time at all by following our simple password reset process. This will issue you a new temporary password that will enable you to log in again. You’ll then be able to set up a more memorable password for yourself using the “Change Password” process.

  • To reset your password first go to the log in page and select the “Forgot Your Password” link.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your Customer ID and the email address we hold on file for you. Your Customer ID is either a 10-character alpha-numeric code we issued at the time of application, or whatever you’ve elected to change it to if you subsequently decided to personalise your Customer ID.
  • Next you’ll need to verify yourself by entering the requested characters or digits from your memorable details, before selecting “Change Password”.
  • You’ll be shown an onscreen message advising that the first half of your temporary password is displayed on screen, while the second half will be contained in an email you’ll receive from us shortly afterwards.
  • Once you’ve received our email, go back to the log in screen and enter your Customer ID and the temporary password, made up of the first and second parts combined together to make one password.


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