Accessing your account

If you believe your login details have been compromised

Call 0345 266 1231 immediately. We can temporarily suspend your account to protect your savings by preventing unauthorised logins. We’ll give you new login details so you can access your account securely again.

If you forget your password

We’ll have you back in your account in no time. Below the login section you’ll see a link to reset your password. Click this and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll need your Customer ID, email address and your memorable details to hand.

How to change your password

Log in and select Change Details from the main menu. Once the page loads look for the Security Details section. Choose Change Password and follow the instructions.

If you forget your memorable details

Just give us a call on 0345 266 1231 and we’ll do all we can to help. For security reasons we don’t issue online reminders.

How to change your memorable details

Log in and select Change Details from the main menu. Once the page loads, look for the Security Details section, select Change Memorable Details and follow the instructions.

If you forget your Customer ID

You can find it in your Welcome Pack. But if you’ve misplaced that, then call us on 0345 266 1231 for support.

If your login has been suspended

You’ll need to give us a call on 0345 266 1231 so that we can get you up and running again.

Memorable details explained

These are an additional security check to help keep your account safe and secure. There are three pieces of information we ask you to provide: a date, a place and a name memorable only to you, and which you can easily recall but are not easily guessable by others. Whenever you log in we ask for randomly selected individual characters from one of your memorable details which in turn are also randomly selected. Never divulge a memorable detail in its entirety to anybody, including our call centre agents.  


How to login

Find out how to login to your Ford Money account.


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Accessing your account

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