Saving with Ford Money



Here you can find service and support information related to the current pandemic situation 

How we operate

We are an online savings provider, meaning that you will be required to manage your account with us via our website.

How we communicate with you

As a Ford Money account holder we may need to contact you about activity on or updates to your account.

How you can contact us

Should you need to contact us, our UK support team is here to help seven days a week, excluding Bank Holidays.

What rates have Ford Money previously offered?

A table detailing the rates we have historically offered on each of our products and the dates these were applicable is available as a downloadable PDF.

Your privacy rights

Individuals have certain rights under privacy legislation.


Should you feel unhappy about any aspect of our products or our service, then our complaints procedure will help resolve your issue quickly and fairly.

Who can apply for our products

You need to be aged 16 or over and hold a UK bank account to save with Ford Money.

Information for Foreign Citizens

FATCA stands for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Joint accounts

You’re able to create a joint account either during your initial application or by adding a second account holder at a later stage.

Holding multiple products

You’re welcome to apply for as many Ford Money products as you wish, but this cannot be done as part of your initial application.

Tax-Free Saving

In April 2016, the UK government changed legislation regarding the tax paid on income you earn from interest on your savings.

ISA Transfers

Making an ISA transfer in or out of Ford Money is easy. Find out how.

Moving abroad

Should you move abroad once your account with us is already up and running, there are just a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure that you comply with our Terms and Conditions.


If a Ford Money account holder has passed away, you’ll need to notify us in writing and include a copy of the Death Certificate.

Power of Attorney

Sometimes it’s necessary for an account to be managed on behalf of the account holder.

System Requirements

To ensure you have the best experience when using our website, please always use the latest web browser version.


As security is paramount to us, we’ve adopted comprehensive security technology and processes to keep your savings and information protected.