Saving with Ford Money

Here you can find out more general information on saving with Ford Money including how we operate, how to contact us, how we communicate with you and more.

How we operate

On this page you can find out about how Ford Money operates, both online and through telephone support.

How you can contact us

There are different ways you can contact Ford Money. Find out how to contact us by secure message, email, phone, letter, social media and other ways here.

How we communicate with you

As a Ford Money account holder, we may need to contact you about activity on or updates to your account. You can find out about how we communicate with you here.


Should you feel unhappy about any aspect of our products or our service, then our complaints procedure will help resolve your issue quickly and fairly. Find out about the complaints procedure here.

Your privacy rights

Individuals have certain rights under privacy legislation. Find out about your privacy rights as a Ford Money customer on this page.

Who can apply for our products?

You need to be aged 16 or over and hold a UK bank account in order to save with Ford Money. Find out more about who can apply for our products on this page.

What to do if an account holder passes away

If an account holder passes away, we know that this can be a very difficult time, but the Ford Money team are here to offer support and guidance. Find out what to do on this page.

Power of attorney, managing an account on someone’s behalf

It may be necessary for an account to be managed on behalf of the account holder known as becoming a Power of Attorney. Find out everything about Power of Attorney, including who can apply and how to become one for a Ford Money account here.

What to do if you move abroad

If you move abroad there are some steps, you'll need to take so you continue to comply with our Terms & Conditions. Find out what to do here.

Information for foreign citizens

As a foreign citizen you may be able to apply for a Ford Money account. Find out about saving with Ford Money as a foreign citizen including FATCA & CRS here.

Tax-free saving

There are different ways you can save tax-free. Find a comprehensive guide to tax free savings including the personal savings allowance and Cash ISAs here.

What interest rates have we previously offered?

If you're interested in knowing what rates Ford Money have previously offered, you can find out the different historical interest rates for all our product here.


As security is paramount to us, see how we've adopted comprehensive security protocols and processes to keep your savings and information protected here.

System requirements

To ensure the best experience, please always use the latest web browser version and/or operating system on your computer or mobile device. Find out about which browsers and operating systems are required to use Ford Money here.


We are currently experiencing high contact volumes, so you may have to wait a little longer for a response than usual.  

Thanks for your patience.

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