Saving with Ford Money

Opening an account

Choose one of our Saver accounts or ISAs and apply in less than 15 minutes online or over the phone.

 Opening and managing joint accounts

Adding or removing a joint account holder to your Ford Money Saver or ISA account is secure and simple.

Applying for multiple products

Open your first account and you can apply for additional products by logging in to our Fast Track application process.

Applying for a product on behalf of someone else (Power of Attorney)

Power of Attorney enables others to manage your account if you are ill or travelling for a significant time.

FATCA and CRS (for non-UK only Tax residents)

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) support the global aim to prevent tax evasion.

Your savings and the Personal Savings Allowance

The Personal Savings Allowance means that UK individuals no longer pay tax on up to the first £1,000 of interest earned on their savings.

Making a deposit

Help with deposits - Make your initial deposit within 14 days, set a nominated bank account or transfer money between accounts.

Making a withdrawal

Help with withdrawals – find out more.

If an account holder should pass away

What to do if the account holder passes away - we will work to make the process as simple and secure as possible.

Moving abroad

How to continue managing your account if you are moving overseas.

Changes to UK Banks

Find out about upcoming changes to the structure of UK banks and how these might impact deposits into your Ford Money account.

Help Articles


Saving With Ford Money

How to open and manage accounts, deposit information, Nominated Account, passwords, your Customer ID - and a guide to tax and savings.


Opening an account

Opening/managing joint accounts

FATCA and CRS (for non-UK only Tax residents)

Savings and the Personal Savings Allowance

Making a deposit

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The Basics

Information on our opening times, contacting us, online security, what to do if you have a complaint - and more.


How to contact us

Our relationship to Ford Motor Company

Your privacy rights

Staying safe online

If you have a complaint

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About Our Products

This section covers the ins and outs of all our products including deposits, balances, terms, withdrawals and more.


Our Flexible Saver

Our Fixed Saver

Our Flexible Cash ISA

Our Fixed Cash ISA

More about our ISAs

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Online Account Management

Run your Ford Money account: from changing interest frequency and making withdrawals, to login troubleshooting and customising your account.


Accessing your account

Managing your account

Changing your Nominated Account

Managing your personal details

How to review and select your maturity options

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