Help Videos

Here you will find a selection of videos designed to make saving with Ford Money as straightforward as possible. They cover the key features of our various products as well as how to apply for them and how to manage your account. 

who are ford money

Who are Ford Money?

Awarded. Open 7 days a week. Always speak to a human. Find out more about why you should save with Ford Money.

flexible saver explained

Flexible Saver explained

Want to learn more about our Flexible Saver? Watch this short video for a quick overview.

fixed saver explained

Fixed Saver explained

Discover more about our Fixed Saver with this short product overview video.

flexible cash isa explained

Flexible Cash ISA explained

If you’d like to discover more about our Flexible Cash ISA, watch this short video for a helpful overview.

fixed cash isa explined

Fixed Cash ISA explained

Discover more ways to save with our Fixed Cash ISA. Our short overview video will walk you through the basics.

applying for a cash isa

Applying for a Cash ISA

For an overview of how to apply for one of our Cash ISAs, watch our helpful video.

applying for a saving product

Applying for a savings product

For an overview of how to apply for one of our savings products, watch our helpful video.

managing your account online

Managing your account online

For handy tips on how to manage your account online, watch our short overview video.

managing your account online

Ford Money app

Find out more about what’s possible with our Ford Money app. Helping you keep track of your savings on the go.